Acid Magic - 4x1 Gallon Cases Acid Magic - 4x1 Gallon Cases Water Treatment Chemical Supplier, Ice Melt Distributor, Pool Chemical Supplier

Acid Magic - 4x1 Gallon Cases

Pallet Weight: 2020
Pallet Quantity: 48
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Acid Magic: The Safer Acid!

+ Hydrochloric Acid (aka Muriatic Acid) is a low fuming acid with upto 90% less fumes yet with an equal strength
+ Used to lower ph in swimming pools, for acid washing, as well as cleaning tiles, porcelain, bricks and concrete
+ Removes rust, scale and mineral build up

+ Lowers swimming pool ph
+ Cleans pools and spas (great as a pH down), brick, stone, grout, concrete (etching), hard surfaces, steel items, shower and bathtub tiles, toilets sinks and much more.