Calcium Chloride Flake - 50lb. Bag Calcium Chloride Flake - 50lb. Bag Water Treatment Chemical Supplier, Ice Melt Distributor, Pool Chemical Supplier

Calcium Chloride Flake - 50lb. Bag

Pallet Weight: 2450
Pallet Quantity: 48
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  Calcium Chloride Flake CC50 SDS
  Calcium Chloride Flake CC50 Hi Res
Calcium chloride flakes are used in the following applications:

+ Raising water hardness
+ Dust control on unpaved roads and parking lots
+ May also be used as a deicer
+ Industrial applications include concrete acceleration, tire weighting, brine refrigeration systems and wastewater treatment.

Used for raising calcium hardness in water.

Also used for:
- ice melting
- dust control
- cement additive
- oil drilling
- construction
- manufacturing
- mining
- tire weighting