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Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) can be used with chemical feed pumps to raise pH in swimming pool water. 
The application of the sodium hydroxide is wide and found in different areas of usage. The most widely and general application is its use as a chemical or in manufacturing of other chemicals. It is also used as a strong base. The solution of sodium hydroxide is very cheap and easy to carry and thus when needed in bulk it is used as aqueous solution. The neutralization of the acidic material and the petroleum products is also done through sodium hydroxide. 
Various food preparing procedures involve use of sodium hydroxide for chemical peeling of fruits and vegetables. For instance, this chemical is used in the processing of soft drinks, thickening of the ice-cream and many such processes. 
Sodium Hydroxide is also a part of daily household usage. This chemical in its crystal and gel forms are used for cleaning the drains that are clogged. It is also used as an agent for straightening and relaxing the hair but it is only done by the person who is well aware of its application. 
Other than these, sodium hydroxide is also a major cleansing agent used as cleaners for oven, and for degreasing the glass and stainless bake ware. 
It is widely used in the manufacturing procedures of paper and soaps. In the production of bio-diesel it works as a catalyst.